ELMOLLA,since 1999,is an established name with a proud tradition in providing practical cost saving solutions for better lubrication,wear and friction reduction for industry.we work with the most reputable specialty lubricant manufacturers in the world to bring to you the latest technology in industrial lubrication.Do check out Carl BECHEM,TOTAL and GRO our lubrication partner products. Do Check out LINCOLN and MEMOLUB our Centralized lubrication systems partner products.

ELMOLLA COMPANY FOR MARKET, during the 2008 s, had introduced the concept of cost effective lubrication into the local industry by using specialized precision high technology lubricants.

Since then, the meaning of Tribology (science of lubrication, friction and wear) plus a whole new focus on higher customers cost savings was well accepted by our customers.

Our customers now know that grease is NOT just grease! Today, we are able to supply more than 80 different types of greases and oils to precisely meet every need of the application! We do not market products sold by major oil companies. We ‘specialize in the specialties.

  • To supply the best performance lubrication and centralized lubrication systems at a reasonable price so that the customers needs are met and adequatly satisfied.
  • To be the leading company and highly reputable supplier in the field of specialty lubricants
  • ELMOLLA  has in its employment Certified Lubrication Specialist personnel and well trained Technical Service and Sales Engineers based all over Egypt,Libya,Sudan&Algeria.Today, as the market leader, we stock the largest variety of specialty greases and synthetic lubricants in 3 of our diffrent branches and stores in the country.
  • We offer professional ‘in house’ lubrication seminars to improve ‘Tribology’ knowledge of your maintenance staff.
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