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Continuous Caster Unit

The operational environment in the continuous caster unit is characterised by slow rotation, high temperatures and corrosive process water ingress. Being market leader in the technology of large molecular polyurea products, BECHEM has developed theBERUTOX M 21 HT with this challenging application in mind. This product is sealing grease with high capability of keeping water and abrasive foreign particles out of the contact, thus maintaining the intended technical life of the bearings.  
The combination of high surface affinity (inherent to the molecular structure of the thickener-matrix) with well-balanced additivation and thick base oil viscosity offers a lubricant designed for long-time lubrication and high performance in a thermally stressed operating environment. For system-critical applications (as the ladle turret, straightener units or converter bearings) special lubrication solutions with e.g. solid lubricant particles and high base oil viscosity can be offered at various qualities and properties.  

Hot Strip Mill

Alike with the continuous caster, the operation of a hot strip mill is characterized by high temperatures and process water ingress, however; the hot strip mill operates generally with higher rotational speeds and higher occurrence of chock loads. Tailor-made lubricants with enhanced surface separating capability, corrosion protection and sealing ability help customers to optimize performance and up-time of their plants. The flagship in hot strip mill lubrication,  HIGH-LUB FA 67-400, has been developed together with German steel industry and academia for optimum lubrication of the rolling element bearings in this challenging application. Also the newest addition to the product portfolio; HIGH-LUB LT 2 EP has already earned an internationally good reputation due to its remarkable performance. It has been developed by “Steel People” for “Steel Applications” and additionally fulfils or exceeds the German steel norm (SEB). The introduction of BECHEM high-performance lubricants has in some cases reduced the lubrication quantity by sensational 50–75%.

Cold Rolling Mill


In cold rolling mills, the equipment is running at significantly higher speeds and the cooling liquid is replaced by a chemically more active rolling mill emulsion. Chemical inertness and a high sealing power are all playing active roles in – from the lubricant’s side – keeping the operation running.

Due to the imminent risk of overheating (increased hydrodynamic losses caused by the higher operational speeds) the oil composition and viscosity must be carefully chosen in order to minimise the temperature increase and pre-mature lubricant degradation. Extensive tests with international partners have proved that BECHEM products have the ability to lubricate most existing equipment with a visible return of investment. Viable solutions for rolling of other materials e.g. Aluminium or Copper also exist.


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