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Special Lubricants for the Cement Industry, Open Cast Mining and Mineral Processing

In the cement and lime industry, mining and mineral processing machines and equipment are often subjected to extreme working conditions. Besides environmental influences such as dust, humidity and sometimes high temperature fluctuations often very high and/or shock loads have to be managed. Since machines as well as possible downtime in production represent enormous cost factors and since redundant systems are in general not available the selected lubricant is of major importance. Based on years of experiences gathered in close cooperation with leading machine manufacturers special lubricants to cope with these severe conditions were developed in the BECHEM Innovation Centre

Reduction of power losses, extension of life time

By using a new generation of high performance additives in the newly developed BECHEM lubricants a significant increase in wear protection combined with extended life time could be achieved. The application of these lubricants allows reduced power losses, lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Thus requirements for a higher economic efficiency and higher equipment availability are fulfilled.


  Lubricating Greases
HIGH LUB FA 50 MO Special grease of very high base oil viscosity with solids for bearing under extreme conditions typical applications: main bearings of roller presses, pivot bearings of vertical roller mills.
BERUTOX M 21 KN Special greases of different base oil viscosities without solids for heavily loaded bearings typical applications: conveyor systems, main bearings of fans , blowers,hot air fans,electric motors and waste gas fans for aggressive media.
  Open Gear Lubricants

Thickner:Aluminium-complex soap with base oil synthetic/Mineral include Solid lubricants Graphite ultra-fine.                                                                          

Black coloured service lubricants with special additives

FZG-Test A/2,78/50 DIN 51354 p.6 (draft) : damage load stage >12, spezific wear < 0,2mg/kWh

  Open Gear Lubricants
BERULUB VPN 13 RINGLUB Synthetic high temperature fluid with high solid content for the lubrication of loose tyres, service temperature.  -13°C to 1150°C.                                                       it can used for live rings at any kind of wet and dry process kilns in the Lime ,Cement or Processing Industry.

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