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Chain Lubrication

Chains are running under mixed friction, therefore the reduction of friction and wear are essential requirements to the lubricant. Not the lubricants which adheres on the surface of the chain is responsible for good lubrication, but the inside lubrication is important. This means that the oil must offer excellent creeping properties. Only the best adhesion of the oil allows extended cycles of re-lubrication.

Furthermore it provides good corrosion protection and is a condition for low oil consumption. Natural adhesion in view of the polar properties avoids dripping and centrifuging of the oil and minimizes dust absorption. The oil structure and additives - with or without solid lubricants - are especially tailored to special applications.


Using Berusynth CU 250 has since reduced the consumption by 10 times as compared to our   previous ubricant!” – Satisfied Bechem Customer A

Not only Bechem had reduced wear and tear on our chains, but there weren’t any signs of   elongation! Truly amazing!” – Satisfied Bechem Customer B

Range of Products

Type Temperature        Oil  Viscosity
*Available in Spray
Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil  -40 to +220°C  VG 46
BERUSYNTH CU 100 Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil  -40 to +250°C  VG 100
*Available in Spray
Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil   -30 to +250°C VG 250

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