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Food Grade Lubricants – Food Processing, Taps and Pharmaceutical Industry

In view of the rising quality requirements in the food processing industry, the expectations of the food grade lubricants developed by BECHEM are increasing as well. BECHEM food grade lubricants for lubrication, power transmission or corrosion protection of machines used for the production and processing of food, food related commodities, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, tobacco products and animal feed.


Range of  Products  Approvals   Application
BERULUB FG-H 2 EP   Roller and plain bearings, cam plates, guide ways, rollers and all types of grease-lubricated machine element.
BERULUB FG-H 2 SL   Plain and roller bearings, cam plates, guide ways, rollers and all kinds of grease-lubricated machine elements.
BERULUB SIHAF 2   Long life grease for ceramic discs such as in water taps, to lubricate and seal stopcocks, rubber sleeves, special intake and discharge taps of machines such as used in breweries and the beverage industry. Also for gas taps except those designed for use in industrial processes.
BERUSYNTH 15...1000 – H1   Oil Fillings and lubrication of production, transfer, filling and packing machine, e.g. hydraulics, gears, circulation, fans, air compressors, pneumatic maintenance units, transport and drive chains, central lubrication, etc.
(-20° C to +260°C, short term +280°C)
  Plain and roller bearings as well as guideways such as in automatic wafer baking machines, pusher-type ovens, electric motors, hot gas fans, calanders, circular conveying and corrugated paper plants, varnishing and enameling ovens, tyre moulds, a.s.o.


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