Biodegradable lubricants

Mineral oil based lubricants and additives are extremely harmful for the biosphere when they get into the environment. Even in case of high dilutions there will be a fatal eco-toxicological effect.

Due to their poor degradability mineral oils remain in the eco-system for a long time. Economy and environmental protection must today have the same priority. This becomes evident when considerable costs are involved for sanitation because of unforeseen damages.


Contaminated environment is expensive


Therefore BECHEM has put a lot of efforts in the research and development of a complete programme of biodegradable lubricants. During the development of the biodegradable lubricants main emphasis was laid on lubrication and technical performance. BECHEM biodegradable lubricants excel by efficiency. This does not only result in extended lifetime of the machines (less wear) but also - for a variety of products - in the realistic possibility to extend oil changing intervals.


Biodegradable lubricants offer increased performance.

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