Industrial lubricants

Who today builds a house, goes on holiday by car or travels around the globe by plane will automatically be accompanied by BECHEM. Since without our special industrial lubricants neither cement could be manufactured, nor cars could be produced, nor airports could be built. Thanks to our special solutions in the field of industrial lubricants all this and even more will become possible. BECHEM offer special solutions in the fields of high performance multipurpose greases, gear lubricants, heavy duty and high temperature lubricants, hydraulic oils, open gear lubricants and biodegradable lubricants. Thus BECHEM considerably contributes to the creation and maintenance of people´s quality of life all over the world. Special lubricants for all industrial applications The machines and equipment in industry are often exposed to extreme conditions. Besides dust, humidity and high variations in temperature, very high shock loads must be coped with. For these applications BECHEM offers an extensive range of specifically tailored high performance lubricants.

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