Special lubricants

BECHEM special lubricants always accompany us, while taking a bath, when a new vehicle is being produced, when a rocket starts to the moon, or simply when a bread is being baked. To cope with these requirements for optimal processes in our high-tech world, BECHEM creates a large number of various special lubricants. Some of our industrial solutions are high and low temperature lubricants, plastic lubrication, electrical contact lubrication, food grade lubricants, valve lubricants, anti-friction coatings, and for the automotive industry BECHEM provides special noise damping products, high performance long life lubrication and corrosion protection. Thus BECHEM considerably contributes to the creation and maintenance of people´s quality of life all over the world. Automotive The requirements of the automotive industry are constantly growing. Due to its innovations each generation of vehicles means new challenges for the development of lubricants. Special BECHEM products for the automotive industry guarantee smooth function and perfect results.

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