Lubricants for highest performance – That'Special BECHEM develops, produces and sells high performance lubricants and additives all over the world. Our special solutions in the fields of speciality lubricants, industrial lubricants and lubricants for metal working and forming technology are based on the latest tribological knowledge.

Tribology – our speciality

BECHEM special lubricants, industrial lubricants, metal working fluids and solutions for the forming technology is based on latest tribologic knowledge. Efficiency, extended lifetime and avoidance of downtime are some of the important targets. Currently we offer more than 700 different lubricants, comprising the tailor-made products for our customers.

Naturally mineral

For a long time vegetable oils and animal fats were the basis of our products. This is still today demonstrated by our trademark: the Rhus Flower. When technical progress made it necessary, we switched our production to another natural product: mineral oil. We do not yet know what lubricants will be made of in the near future. But one thing is sure: BECHEM will play an important part.
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